MFCforensic, from the founders’ name (Marmo, Fiorentini e Chiaia), is an innovative company which directly deals with the forensic engineering activities, both in judicial and insurance field.

In the judiciary field, MFCforensic technicians assume both the role of technical consultants as well as that of CTU, all on behalf of the investigating magistracy and on behalf of the judiciary, especially in cases of high complexity, where the management skills of a forensic engineer’s own procedure it is necessary to put in place methodologies for in-depth analysis and development of specialist expertise, including advanced simulation.

MFCforensic consolidates in an innovative structure the forensic, consulting and academic experiences of the founders, who in the years have directly followed, as technical consultants, also episodes of national importance (Thyssenkrup, Norman Atlantic, Molino Cordero, Umbria Olii, etc. ).