Lectures by Luca Fiorentini at Polito’s Forensic Engineering Master

20 July 2018

Lectures held by Eng. Luca Fiorentini, founding partner of MFCforensic, as part of the Master of Forensic Engineering at the Polytechnic of Turin, have started. In particular, Eng. Luca Fiorentini will deal with the forensic engineering of fires and explosions with insights on the use of structured methods of investigation and mathematical models and even advanced simulation to support the investigation.

Eng. Luca Fiorentini, already enrolled in the register of the experts of the Polytechnic of Turin for integrative teaching activities (ING / IND-24 “Principles of chemical engineering”), has been recognized expert in the field “Codes of simulation of incidental events for the reconditioning of the incidental dynamics with respect to the evidence “.

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