Tecsa S.r.l., through its specialists, provides consulting services in the field of analysis of anomalies, quasi-accidents. This activity is an essential element of an effective safety management system. The analyzes are performed using well-known reconstruction techniques (Root Cause Analysis, Bow-Tie) and supported by the most classic techniques of risk analysis to identify the technical and organizational management measures to mitigate the probability associated with the onset of similar problems. The analysis of the anomaly is also supported by the acquisition of the trends of any alarms over time to highlight specific triggers.

In the event of an accident at work or an industrial accident Tecsa S.r.l. offers specialized technical consultancy services in the field of forensic engineering both for the support in the identification of problems and for the support in the civil and criminal proceedings possibly put in place as CTPs and still for the support in investigations for insurance purposes.

The specialists Tecsa S.r.l. experts in forensic engineering have followed numerous cases of accidents at work, fires and explosions, also of national importance, both in the role of CTP and in the role of CTU on behalf of the investigating and judging magistrature. For many of these cases, in-depth articles are available in international scientific journals.

The surveys are conducted using internationally recognized consolidated methods (eg NFPA std No. 921) and using the specialized calculation codes for the simulation aimed at reconstructing the dynamics of complex incident events.

These activities are managed through a specific forensic division called MFCforensic, for which a specific synthetic brochure is available for download.

Also worthy of note is Volume, soon to be published: “Principles of Forensic Engineering applied to Industrial Accidents”, by the authors Luca Fiorentini (TECSA Srl – MFCforensic), Luca Marmo (Turin Polytechnic University – MFCforensic), 2017, Wiley, Chichester UK, ISBN 978-1118962800. The volume cover is also available.

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