Fire Risk Management: Principles and Strategies for Buildings and Industrial Assets


In Fire Risk Management: Principles and Strategies for Buildings and Industrial Assets, authors Luca Fiorentini (Executive Director of TECSA S.r.l.) and Fabio Dattilo (General Commander of the National Fire Brigade Corps at the Ministry of the Interior) propose a combination of risk management principles and fire safety assessment methods that offers practical strategies and workflows to prevent and mitigate today’s complex fire scenarios. The book summarizes modern, risk-based approaches to fire safety, discussing fire safety objectives in terms of functional statements, performance requirements, and detailed protection measures for buildings and industrial assets towards the development of a fire safety case to timely manage risk with a systematic and structured approach throughout the life cycle of the asset.

The authors introduce the fundamentals of fire safety and design principles before moving on to discuss topics like fire risk assessment methods, risk profiles, risk mitigation, safety management and performance, and protective layers and controls. Fire Risk Management presents practical methods, often borrowed from those successfully used in other domains, that can be defined, shared, and communicated with multiple stakeholders from different backgrounds and with different needs and perspectives.

Readers will also find:

  • A code-neutral examination of fire safety principles that is independent of local regulations
  • Discussions of key principle standards, including NFPA 550 and ISO 45001, and guidelines on fire risk assessment
  • Practical explorations that connect theory with practice in the real world
  • In-depth case studies that walk readers through fire risk management strategies for railway stations, warehouse storage facilities, heritage buildings, renewable energy installations, and process industry plants

Perfect for fire safety practitioners, engineers, and other stakeholders involved in the design and operation of buildings and industrial assets, Fire Risk Management: Principles and Strategies for Buildings and Industrial Assets will also earn a place in the libraries of facility owners and operators, safety systems managers, occupational health and safety professionals, and code officials.

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Author: Luca Fiorentini

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